A Mostly Fractured Take On Current Events


Death, Taxes and Speeding Tickets: A Case Study – Some people go through their entire lives without getting a speeding ticket. I pity them.

Don’t Try To Get Buddy Buddy With Your TSA Agent – Flying is such a great pleasure. No legroom. No meal. But plenty of free groping.

I Deferred The American Dream And Got Lousy Music Instead – The housing market is abysmal. But there are worse things than an underwater mortgage.

One Thing Unites All Sides On National Debt: Blame – We are told that Washington’s best and brightest are working to fix the debt problem. God help us.

Make Room In The Corners: This Congress Needs A Long Timeout– When true leadership is required from our government, we get spoiled, petulant children!

Obama Needs To Check His Flux Capacitor, It Seems To Be Stuck– The president’s list of impressive talents now includes time travel.

High Gas Prices Cheating Families Of Summer Kid Torture Options– For kids, driving around a desert without air breeds character.

Some Days You Ride The Bull; Others, Well, He Dumps On You– In interviews, don’t be afraid to mention your greatest talents, including eating birthday cake.

Mall Parking During Christmas Puts The “No” In Noel– It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Except in the parking lots.


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