A Mostly Fractured Take On Current Events


In 2007, I wrote a blog called “Letterhacker.” My inspiration was a book, Letters From A Nut, by Barry Marder (Ted Nancy). Marder used to write for “Seinfeld” and began sending prank letters to large corporations and institutions. His absurd inquiries were hilarious. But the responses he received were often funnier than his letters.

Here are some prank letters I saved from Letterhacker. Some places actually sent responses. Enjoy!

Sheraton – Letter to the hotel chain asking about their policy on large guests.

U-Haul – A traveling salesman inquires about renting a truck to impress clients.

The Gap – Their clothes are hip but what about senior citizens’ needs?

Rug Doctor – Clearly, alcohol and carpet shampooing don’t mix.

U.S. Postal Service – Are they more powerful than we ever imagined?

Disney World – A concerned father asks the theme park for a special request.

IAMS Dog Food – They set the record straight on humans eating dog food.

Nordic Track – A  health guru requires a workaround involving beer.

Southwest Airlines – An inquisitive passenger demands answers about a strange rumor.

The Waldorf Astoria – The classiest hotel welcomes guests who drive tractors.


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